AutoCAD 2010 Tutorial 3 - Easy Instructions for the Modify Panel.

The following AutoCAD 2010 Tutorial will assist you in discovering AutoCAD by plainly outlining the Modify Panel. In this AutoCAD Tutorial I will demonstrate the best way to change objects with or without commands.


Move Command

It is typical to move a single or group of objects from one spot to another because of design modifications or drawing blunders.

Copy Command

Rather than redrawing the same objects it is faster to draw it one time and create copies in different places.

Rotate Command

Sometimes a change an objects alignment within a drawing is needed. The rotate command varies the angle of an object in relation to a base point.

Stretch Command

Objects can be re-sized by simply dragging them. The stretch command may be applied to modify a single object or multiple objects.

Scale Command

When parts of a drawing or object need to be proportionately bigger or proportionately smaller in sized, it can be altered with this command.

Offset Command

The offset command is put into use to create a copy of the object parallel to the first at a specified distance away from the first.

Mirror Command

In a few steps a mirror image of an object is created.

Trim Command

Sometimes designs don’t look like they are supposed to until after they're modified. To get to the final product cut out bits of the objects.

Extend Command

The object end that is extended is closest to the point the object was selected from. It extendes until it intersects the selected boundary edge.

Erase Command

When you learn AutoCAD, a natural result in your drawing process is to fix errors.

Explode Command

A group of object or a compound object can be reduced into its individual components, at the click of a button.

Array Command

A rectangular or circular pattern is made from copies of an object.

Fillet Command

Two sharp corners are connected with a rounded corner using the fillet command.

Chamfer Command

The chamfer command connects two sharp corners with a bevelled line.

Lengthen Command

The end that will be lengthened is the one nearest to the location where the object was chosen.

Break Command

Breaking an object is to create a separation between its two haves.


Making use of grips happens to be an alternative approach to editing objects, this AutoCAD 2010 Tutorial explains how.

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